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Sunday, October 6

# 3 - Paranormal

"Aku tak benci dia.

Dia terlalu sempurna,
Walau dia sakitkan aku

Dia pernah berada dalam hati aku,
hati aku yang satu.

Dia pernah ada."

-quoted from @_f7b8v. 

Well said. I love all her tweets, I just assume that she is a female since all her tweets are all about friendship and broken relationship of a couple. Or maybe she had experienced one. Been there, done that. Jarang kot jumpa lelaki jiwang. 

By the way, yesterday (131005), I asked Amer a simple question thru whatsapp. "macam mana nak lupakan my beloved ex?". He gave me so many tips and advices. Thanks to Amer. Aku tgh usahakan benda tu. Suddenly, I forgot to ask him on "how to erase all the bittersweet memories?". I asked myself that stupid question, and she said, "You can't, you just can't." 

Songs that pop out from my music lists during the typing session ,

buat aku tersenyum- shila amzah
talking to the moon- shila amzah
someone like you- shila amzah
patah seribu- shila amzah
never stop- safetysuit (wedding version)

*perlu ke lagu ni main time aku buat post mcm ni? serious shit la music player.

peace out.

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