khairul syuhaidah zainal

Thursday, November 20

4months of joy, depression and a good comeback


Its kinda sad when he used to be cool and caring person when our first-second month together. He used to praised me. Tell me tht im cute. Tell me tht he is so lucky to have me. Tell me tht the other girls in the whole world means nothing, and i was his everything. I really miss receiving that kind of praise from him. 

But people change right? I cant force him to love me like i love him. 

Danial affects me. The moment when we broke up, i took two weeks to move on and accepted tht everything has over. One week tht full of tears. Days and nights, only his face stuck in my mind. At that moment, i refuse to give a fuck to society, family, friends. I want to die so bad bcs it really hurts and i didnt want to feel the pain ( i aint joking rn).
But fa10 shows and give me some advices and smack me with reality facts. I love you babe. 

Theres a lot of guys and crooks try to steal my heart but my heart has already got stolen by you. I really wish you didnt break it into pieces bcs i trust you wholeheartedly, i have faith on you and i want only you and yourself. 

P/s: ^this text was 6months ago, my love for you still exist and i love you too ❤️

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