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Tuesday, October 8

#5 - My goodnight post.

Hi, how was your day? Doing great? Mine was good :)
Now tgh layan movie online, 'grown ups 2'. Tgh buffering so I decide to blogging for a moment. Btw, I seldomly posting most of my posts via laptop or web since I hardly to manage my photos very well (or just me being a lazy bump). Lulz. So mostly I update my blog thru my mobile phone. It is so easy coz all my captures are in that thing. It won't cause any problem and no need to bluetooth nor convert them using the usb cable.

And I met my ex roomate, Zaty. I miss her so badly. Still wonder if she still 'ber-abang sayang' with her boyf. I bet she still does. Went to tun hamzah college to picking up my stuffs yg lupa nak bawak balik. Aiyo, clumsy shue is clumsy.

Nuff' for tonight, nak smbung layan movie. Gonna catch up with you guys later. Goodnight guys. 

O Allah, give me strength. I hope I can forget him. I hope I can get rid from all the sinful acts. Give me a chance. You are the one who I want remember in my good or bad situation. Always you Ya Allah. Amin.

Peace out.

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